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self portrait 2016 DISPLAY

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Hello everyone!

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Little Linguists Logo Development

I was going back through my computer folders having a little clear-out and found my development sketches for some logos and web icons I have worked on. I thought I’d share the magic with you!

The clients normally have an idea in mind for what they want. A few have even approached me with sketches they wanted tidying up or re-imagining.

I talk through ideas, colours and shapes then start sketching rough ideas.

LLNS logo sketchesLLNS logo sketches 2LLNS little parrot - flags sketches

A create a selection of fonts I find appropriate if they don’t already have one in mind.

LLNS Font examples

The process continues with the client giving their feedback on the various changes until we end up with the finished design! Little Linguists also required leaflets, web icons and business card designs.

Little Linguists logoLLNS business card pic V2LLNS flying parrot

LLNS nursery sketchLLNS - stay n play sketch

Its interesting to see how different the first few sketches can be to the final product through multiple revisions.

Designing for Little Linguists was fun! I love animals so this project had my heart from the start.